Showcasing COLOR BLAST Art

The only good thing about having a traumatic brain injury was getting to do art after the first 30 years of hard work.

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About Me

My Background


I spent almost all my time by myself because my central nervous system is so sensitive that very minor normal noises and vibration can "knock me out of my brains" that can put me instantly in a diminished state for days, week and [often] months at a time.   Although my injuries aren't always obvious to others, every minute has many added obstacles.  It's taken me years but I AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR HOW FAR I'VE COME.


TOUCH MY PAINTINGS!  Most are not covered by glass and the more textured the painting, the more people feel compelled to touch.

You can always and use a damp cloth to gently wipe. ENJOY the painting without stress  :-)

Weights for most paintings are done as carefully and closely as I can but may not be precise.  Only the little paintings that fit on a different scale are exacting.  I HAVE LOWERED PRICES [over what I get at art shows] to help make up for that potential and as a gesture toward help with shipping cost. 


 I'm a widow and use the last name my husband gave me BUT I started using my maiden name for signing paintings, which is why you may see two last names pop up.  I wanted to honor my parents and [happily] my maiden name has half the letters for signing in paint  '-) 

Disclaimer: color-love statement does not apply to NEON pink. Even with 38 years healing, just seeing a glimpse of it scrambles my brain. Apparently also affects many with migraine [besides other injury to that part of the brain] so if you can stop the production of neon pink in anything, please do ;-)



My husband was told by doctors that I would be a vegetable the rest of my life.  He took me home anyway  XOXOOX  

He passed unexpectedly almost 25 years ago, a couple of years after this picture. I am grateful that art gives me a distraction and focus since I spend most time on my own. He was also told that my x-rays showed it was a miracle I was alive and not paralyzed and that my brains are mostly loose in my skull, that the membrane doesn't grow back.  I can tell it's true.  

So grateful my daughter-in-law lets me sit in the front, I wish it didn't make such a difference but the brains tangle easily over bumps or nudges even with my son being such a good driver :)